Artisan Demonstrations


The Appalachian Blacksmith Association is back at the New Deal Festival for a “Hammer-In” at the Arthurdale Forge. The group features blacksmith craftsmen from across West Virginia. The Appalachian Blacksmith Association is a regional affiliate of the Artist Blacksmith’s Association of North America.

Seat Weaving

Debbie & Amee Price practice their craft through the seat weaving classes they offer at the Monongalia Technical Education Center (MTEC). Their classes demonstrate and teach a variety of techniques including caning, splint weave, and rush. For more information about their classes, contact MTEC at (304) 291-9226.  They will be demonstrating seat weaving on the Center Hall lawn.


Molly Hunt will demonstrate spinning, and will sell hand-spun yarn.

Stained Glass

Molly & Jane Ann Superfesky will be demonstrating the art of stained glass, and selling some of their pieces.